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Encourage your employees and patrons to wear face coverings and maintain six feet of distance by displaying these printable posters at your business.  Please click on each poster to download.

CDC: Use of Cloth Face Coverings

The CDC provides instructions on wearing, cleaning, and creating DIY cloth face coverings.

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Face Covering Vendors

Below is a list of businesses in Nevada who supply face coverings and other PPE and supplies.  Please note the State of Nevada and the Nevada COVID-19 Response, Relief and Recovery Task Force (“Task Force”) do not endorse, warrant or guarantee the efficacy or authenticity of any products sold by the businesses listed below or elsewhere on this website. The State of Nevada and the Task Force also do not know or guarantee the present or future availability of any products sold by these vendors. The Task Force is providing the information below based on the vendors’ representations that they are offering these products. Please conduct your own vetting of all vendors and products. Any resulting sales are between the vendors and customers only, and the vendors are the sole determiners of the terms of sale and product pricing.

117 Global

Hand sanitizer, 3 Ply Masks, Sanitary Gowns, Nitrile Gloves, Antiseptic Wipes, Hair covers, Face shields, Safety glasses.

For more information visit:


For more information email
or call (702) 798-7557.

Assured Partners Consulting

For more information visit
or call (702) 617-1777.

Buddy Jack

Sanitizer is produced with Federal Drug Administration’s requirement of Isopropyl Alcohol, Glycerine, Hydrogen Peroxide. It can be used on hands, equipment and surfaces.

​For more information visit:

Coalition Medical Supply

Washable cloth face masks.

​For more information visit:


Sanitizer, Clorox Wipes, Special Orders

Contact: Max Ramos 702-352-2038

Dechan Inc.

Swabs, KN95 FDA EUA, Gowns, Sanitizer, Cloth Masks & More.

For more information contact Carol Ann Dechan by email or call (702) 496-0318

Eagle Promotions

Re-usable face coverings.

For more information visit


Contact: Jason Sanders, Sales Rep (EmailPhone)

​For more information visit their website.

Lake Industries

Masks, hand sanitizer, hospital-grade disinfectant, liquid sanitizer, face shields, antibacterial soap. Items are in stock now and are available for same-day shipping or local pickup at their Henderson location.  There are no limits on order quantities and discounts are offered for bulk orders. Members should use code “VEGASLOCAL” for local pickup.

For more information visit: OR call (800) 261-4501

Las Vegas Distillery

Hand sanitizer.

For more information visit

Pia Gladys Perey-Waelte

Medical suits, gowns and masks.

For more information email:

Polar Shades

Masks and Gowns.

For more information visit: ​


​Face Covers, 3 Ply Disposable Masks.

For more information visit:

Promo Vessel

Disposable masks, re-useable masks, hand sanitizer.

For more information contact Kevin Lewis
or call (702) 818-6639.

Prudential Supply

Contact: Sara Bell, Sales Rep (EmailPhone)

​For more information visit:

Quality Corrections & Inspections

For more information visit
or call (702) 719-2322.

Screaming Images

For more information visit
or call (702) 380-4233.

SME Uniforms

Disposable masks, re-useable masks.

For more information contact Kim Coskey
or call (702) 285-2004.

Smithman Productions

Custom face masks and custom hand sanitizers. We are a great resource for custom branded canopies, table coverings and signage for restaurants and retail businesses practicing curbside pickup.​

For more information visit or call 866-469-7766


Contact: Claudia Flores, Sales Rep (EmailPhone)

​For more information visit:


Stay informed on the ongoing activities of the Nevada COVID-19 Task Force.